TSD 2013                                                       Theory and Simulation of Disruptions Workshop
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Theory and Simulation of Disruptions Workshop  
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
July 17- 19, 2013

Welcome to the Theory and Simulation of Disruptions Workshop website. The principal objective of this Workshop is to bring together experts (theorists as well as experimentalists) on the subject of disruptions in tokamaks. Understanding, controlling, and mitigating disruptions is one of the principal challenges confronting ITER. The emphasis of this Workshop is on the theory and simulations of tokamaks, informed by experimental results on the world’s principal tokamaks.


Program Organizing Committee:
D. Campbell- ITER
S. Gerhardt- PPPL
C. Greenfield- BPO/GA
T. Hender- Culham Science Center
V. Izzo- UCSD
E. T. Strait- ITPA/GA
J. Wesley- GA


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Princeton, NJ 08543-0451
GPS: 100 Stellarator Road, Princeton, NJ, 08540

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